We provide an
extensive breakdown
of market factors
to supply our customers with the
best options for short-term
and lifelong investments.

Montefiore Real Estate Group holds vast experience in dealing with buildings and lands in both the commercial and residential sectors. We hand-select the perfect investment for our clients based on their specific qualifications, and based on other critical factors such as rate of return, location, demographics, trends, and property types, to deliver optimal earning and maximal investment potential, countrywide.

Our team delves deep in order cover a wide scope of properties for purchase. Additionally, we offer our clients a various suite of management services, for a full comprehensive package.

Our Offerings Include:

  • Lands
  • Multi-Family Complexes
  • Existing Buildings For Teardown
  • Offices and Office Buildings
  • Tech and Healthcare Properties
  • Retail and Industrial Properties
  • Hotels and Hospitality Properties

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