At Montefiore Real Estate Group, we specialize in buying private and commercial properties all over Israel. Our property purchases are custom made to fit the specifications and requests of our clients, anywhere in the country, no matter how unique or specific.

Our Buying Services Include

  • Finding Properties Per Various Clients Tastes And Budgets
  • Providing A Detailed Property Analysis Report
  • Dealing With Municipal & Governmental Authorities
  • Providing A Number Of Suitable Properties To Show
  • Partaking In The Negotiation
  • Performing Property Renovations, Decorations And Design
  • Performing In-Depth Research & Analysis of Property
  • Handling Purchase Contract & All Legal Aspects


When selling, our team conducts research and analysis of the market price of the property according to different factors, and presents you with a detailed selling report. Following, we publish the property in relevant media and sources, and subsequently negotiate with, as well as find prospective buyers.

Our Selling Services Include

  • Performing Property Market Value Analysis
  • Finding Prospective Buyers
  • Dealing With Municipal & Governmental Authorities
  • Providing A Detailed Selling Report
  • Partaking In The Negotiation
  • Advertising In Relevant Media Sources
  • Handling Selling Contract & All Legal Aspects

Manage & Rent

Montefiore Real Estate Group provides a 360-degree package for all management and rental related services.

Our Management & Rental Services Include

  • Maintenance (Cleaning, Repairing, Painting, Etc.)
  • Managing Bills
  • Decorations & Furnishing
  • Finding & Dealing With Tenants
  • Frequent Property Visits
  • Dealing With Municipal & Governmental Authorities
  • Drafting Of Tenant Rental Agreements
  • Renovations & Design


We provide the option for our clients to renovate or refurbish their properties according to tastes and budgets, and with as much or as little client involvement as desired. Our highly experienced team will stand alongside and advise you from the idea stage and will execute on your behalf to the final stages in creating your dream home or office.

Our Renovation Services Include

  • Architectural Services
  • Purchasing Materials On Behalf Of The Client
  • Decorations & Design
  • Supervising & Monitoring The Renovations & Installations Process
  • Painting, Flooring, Adding Of Moldings, Etc.

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