Our team of professionals provides each client with 360-degree offerings, helping to create and solidify a leading one-stop shop for all realty-related services, including business, legal, architecture, construction, design and much more.

Each member of our team was hand-selected, is an expert in his or her individual field, and is experienced in working with international clients from all over the world. The Montefiore Real Estate Group team members accompany you each step of the way to afford a stress-free experience and a high-quality end result.

Roie Kaner

Attorney at Law | Chief Executive Officer

Roie is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Montefiore Real Estate Group. Using his background as an international, corporate lawyer at the most prestigious law firms in Israel, and through his vast experience in and knowledge of the real estate market and in dealing with clients from all over the world, he is able to provide those both living in Israel and abroad with the highest level of services in the field of real estate. Roie personally oversees every project during all stages, and ensures a patient, attentive, trustworthy and high-end experience to his clients.

Daniel Feinstein

International Counsel

Daniel has a cumulative 40 years in real estate and construction across the United States and Israel, and serves as Montefiore Real Estate Group’s International Counsel. Daniel specializes in complex transactions and provides ongoing consultation to our clients in all realty-related aspects. Daniel has worked with top-tier clients such as Marriot Hotels, Audi, Dunkin Donuts, Baskin-Robbins and much more.

Rebecca Kaner

Marketing and Head of Client Relations

Rebecca leads our Marketing and Client Relations department. She has worked in Business, International Marketing, and was the Chief Executive Officer of a travel-based company where she gained experience in the fields of both marketing and business. Rebecca uses her background knowledge in having worked with American and European cultures to supply the utmost service, for international and local clients alike.

Doron Levite

Attorney at Law | Legal Counsel

Doron, a lawyer and notary, is the founder and managing partner of Levite, Mazor & Co., a prominent real estate law firm in Israel. Doron is a leading legal practitioner in the field of real estate law in Israel, and has an impressive 20 years of experience in his sector, in which he led various transactions for both big corporations and international clients.

Assaf Diamond

Architecture & Design Consultant

Assaf is a professional architect and designer, and is the founder and executive director of the A2 Studio, a boutique, high-end architectural firm in Israel. Assaf is known for creating architecture and interior design spaces that generate new conceptual evolvement of materials. He has worked with various high-end, international clients on many different projects throughout Israel.

Asi Ervin

Project Management Consultant

Asi is the owner of Ofek Design, a top renovations and construction company in Israel, and is a market-leading specialist in project management, general construction and renovation for clients both abroad and nationally. He has a cumulative 22 years of experience through such, has garnered the knowledge to work only alongside the finest tastes, fine-tuning each and every project to be the most high-level, whether it be homes or apartments, anywhere in the country, with the help of his professional team.

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