Our team of professionals provides each client with 360-degree offerings, helping to create and solidify a leading one-stop shop for all real estate-related services, including business, legal, architecture, tax, mortgage construction, design and much more.

Each member of our team has been hand-selected, is an expert in his or her individual field, and is experienced in working with international clients from all over the world. The Montefiore Real Estate Group team members accompany you each step of the way to create a stress-free experience and a high-quality end result.

Roie Kaner

Chief Executive Officer/ Attorney At Law

Roie is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Montefiore Real Estate Group. Using his background as an international, corporate lawyer at the most prestigious law firms in Israel, and through his vast experience in and knowledge of the real estate market and in dealing with clients from all over the world, he is able to provide those both living in Israel and abroad with the highest level of services in the field of real estate. Roie personally oversees every deal or project, and provides a patient, attentive, trustworthy and high-end experience to his clients.

Rebecca Kaner

Director of Operations

Rebecca is our Director of Operations. She has worked with Montefiore since its creation, and personally oversees every aspect of the business including handling clientele, overseeing deals and properties, handling marketing and outreach, PR and much more. She uses her background in having worked with American and European cultures to supply the utmost service.

Omri Alankri

Real Estate Agent

Omri is a real estate broker for both sales and rentals at the agency. Omri has years of experience in marketing in Israel and abroad, and he has extensive knowledge of sales and rentals in Tel Aviv and many surrounding areas.

Chaya Sheetrit

Luxury Real Estate Broker

Chaya is a real estate broker who specializes in luxury properties representing both buyers and sellers across the country. Chaya has a degree in communications and psychology and a work background in sales, project management- working with high-end clientele from all around the world in all fields of luxury. Chaya is trustworthy, attentive, patient and understands processes of how to effectively deliver a sale.

Talia Masjedi

Luxury Real Estate Specialist

Talia is a luxury real estate specialist dealing with international clientele from all over the world, namely the United States and Europe. She originally comes from Los Angeles, having lived in New York and California, and has experience in working in real estate both abroad and in Israel for many years. Her rich understanding of the differing needs of her clients helps secure many of her successes and she works in both investments and purchases. She is extremely trustworthy, professional and devoted to each and every client and deal.

Ido Levy

Real Estate Broker

Ido is a real estate broker who specializes in property sales, project management and customer service. He has a background in sales and working with various clients across the real estate spectrum, with a passion for the luxury field. Ido is patient and has a very good understanding of client needs, understanding all aspects of a real estate transaction and delivering honest, trustworthy service. .

Carmel Levi

Real Estate Specialist

Carmel is a real estate specialist working in sales and rentals. Originally hailing from New York, she has a mix of cultures and speaks both languages fluently. Carmel has focused on all aspects of the real estate market for her clients, and she has an excellent understanding of business, marketing and customer satisfaction. She is extremely patient, devoted and loyal to those with whom she works.

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