Who We Are

Montefiore Real Estate Group is the leading agency for luxury real estate in Israel, working with internationals and locals alike. We offer our clients a one-stop-shop for everything real estate, in over 5 languages.

How It Works

We accompany our clients step by step in the real estate process, offering a full-suite of real-estate services for every transaction. Our team has expert knowledge and experience in Israel's luxury real estate and provides services such as buying, selling or management, legal, tax and mortgage assistance, as well handling architecture, design, renovations and more.

Our Goal

As experts in luxury real estate in Israel, we work alongside our clients from all over the world to find their perfect home in Israel, all based on their specific tastes, locations, budgets, and more. We focus on buying and selling luxury real estate in Israel and guarantee to handle everything in the most professional way, from a-z.

Roie Kaner

Roie is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Montefiore Real Estate Group, and one of the most prominent luxury real estate brokers in Israel. Using his background as an international, corporate lawyer at the most prestigious law firms in Israel, and through his vast experience in and knowledge of the Israeli luxury real estate market and in dealing with clients from all over the world, he is able to provide those both living in Israel and abroad with the highest level of services in the field of real estate.

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