It all started at the outbreak of the pandemic; the skies were shutting down and the world was on hold. Roie Kaner, CEO of Montefiore Real Estate Group- an Israeli luxury boutique real estate firm catering to the international clientele and Olim- sat down with his team and tried to figure out the best solution on how to keep the firm’s clients engaged and still show them properties in Israel, without them being here physically. While live video tours and FaceTime calls have proven effective, “there is no better way to truly show the specific details of a property”, he said, “than to allow potential buyers to re-watch a detailed and personalized home tour”. It was then that Israel’s Luxury Listings was born: Roie and his team began creating a Youtube channel where people all across the world could essentially “tour” a property from the comfort of their own homes.

Additionally, Roie and his team made it their personal mission to show the world that Israel is more than just desert and beaches, rather, that it has become a haven for luxury goods, real estate at the top of that list. From penthouses to luxury villas and mansions, Israel boasts some of the most beautiful properties in the world, equal in quality to places like New York, London or L.A- and he he felt it urgent to show the world that. And, as demand for luxury real estate in Israel continues to increase, more and more properties seem to become available.

After months of planning and scouting, Roie began the filming process. In each episode, Roie provides a personal, comprehensive explanation of each apartment or home, leaving no details behind, and nothing to the imagination. Providing viewers with every detail they could possibly need has has been vital during this process. “In one episode where I filmed in Jaffa” he said, “I had the cameraman zoom-in and focus on a stunning chandelier flown in from Iran”. I had several clients come back to me and say that the crystal-clear detailing made them feel as if they were there at the property in person. Even more than seeing how truly luxury the properties are, many video-viewers have reached out personally to Roie and said that what they liked most while watching was having the ability to pause, zoom, and focus during parts of the videos. This has allowed some of them even to want to “move forward” in the purchase of specific properties because they don’t feel that they have missed any details during their “tour”.

To date, the crew have filmed at properties in locations such as Tel-Aviv, Jaffa, Herzliya, and Netanya. Moving forward- as there has been a huge influx in viewers who have contacted the agency to see properties outside of the country’s “center”- Roie has begun the planning stages of expanding filming locations to external areas outside of the center that also boast extraordinary luxury locations such as the North and South of the country, Jerusalem and the periphery of Tel Aviv. He said, “I want to show the world that there is something for everyone and I will make it my personal mission to film at as many luxury locations as I can, to show that there is something for everyone, and they wont miss a detail in their (what feels like) personal house tour.

Roie Kaner is an Israeli real estate specialist and the CEO of Montefiore Real Estate Group, Israel’s leading one-stop-shop real estate firm, which specializes in catering to international clientele and Olim.

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