‘A Mask on Real Estate During COVID’ 

So, yes, sadly COVID has been here for longer than we’d like to admit. And yes, our times are now called the “Corona” Times rather than just the year 2020. But with these new problems also come new and interesting opportunities for people in the digital world such as purchasing real estate online, online classrooms, zoom meetings and more. But the true question remains: if you buy a dress you saw on a website, would the same go for buying real estate? 
With COVID comes flight cancelations and thus, some of our clients from all around the world – places such as America, England, France, Italy, Australia, Germany, Argentina and more have been unable to visit beautiful Israel and have not had the chance to purchase a properties physically in Tel Aviv as they planned. But with the advent of our new digital and new COVID19 world has meant many zoom meetings and property showings digitally, daily. And even many clients who have bought properties from abroad from a digital showing as well. But would you? 
When you visit a property in Tel Aviv, how many times would you go back until you made the decision to buy a home in Israel? This answer is very personal. But, what if you could watch the property video you took on your phone over and over again for a sort-of permanent real estate property visit until you felt it was right. It’s like a permanent real estate agent in your pocket. You can zoom in to see design and architecture details,  send messages to a family member for their feedback and even, play around with lighting and online design to see how the house would look tailor-made to your design style. 
There is something really wonderful about technology creating our dreams, specifically when it comes to real estate, and in this case, real estate in Israel- the Jewish homeland that awaits us all. So the question remains: are you ready to buy real estate in Israel.. from abroad? 

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