Tel-Aviv has become the city that never sleeps, rests or repeats.

Locals and foreigners alike flock to Tel-Aviv all year round for its incredible beach scene, food scene, fresh markets, fashion, culture and openness to all kinds of people. Synonymous with fun, adventure, and an open spirit, we have decided to list all the reasons, as of late, why Tel-Aviv is an unparalleled ray of hope for the world, why its locals love living life there. 

  1. The Beaches- 

With something for everyone, Tel-Aviv’s beach promenade runs alongside its western edge where people can sunbathe, hang with friends, run or jog any time of day or night and sit watching the Mediterranean after a nice date, filling their souls with fresh seaside air and of course, filling up on the blue-space vibes.

Situated across 14 kilometers of beauty, the beaches are packed with something for everyone including sports, clubs, restaurants, kiosks, playgrounds, outdoor gyms and so much more. 

Each of Tel-Aviv’s beaches (there are 13!) has something for everyone- urban beaches, sports-focused beaches, café-centric beaches, family-friendly beaches, religious beaches, gay-friendly beaches, surfing beaches, and more secluded beaches, north of the famous port; with something for everyone, you can surely find your groove and the beach that’s right for you. 

  • The Food- 

Tel-Aviv’s food scene has become somewhat of a conglomerate of street food and upscale dining, and, while there is no real definition of what the Tel-Aviv food looks like as of late, the mix of cultures, styles, and of course, fresh ingredients, pay homage to the international and local foodies worldwide. 

The famous Tel-Aviv markets are a haven for fresh, daily ingredients. Whether you are picking up fresh ingredients on your Friday stroll in the famous Carmel market for a beautiful Friday night dinner, or just snacking on fresh fruits and veggies on your terrace, every ingredient is brought in fresh daily from the local farms and is of course seasonal, to provide for the best quality. 

Tel-Aviv’s fine dining has reached new heights. Fancy chic lounges and upscale restaurants fill the city with international cuisine, open 7 days a week for everyone to enjoy. 

  • Architecture 

Israel as a whole is made up of various types of architecture such as Crusader Castles, Islamic Madrassas, Byzantine churches, Templer houses, Bauhaus-style modernist buildings, sculptural concrete architecture, soaring skyscrapers and more. 

Tel-Aviv more specifically started with early 1900’s conquer design that resulted in neo-classic romantic style, more notably examples of this being the ‘Twin House’ and the ‘Pagoda House’ located in the heart of the city neighborhoods. In the 1920’s there was an upsurge of eclectic-style architecture with an oriental aspect and of course, Jewish ceramic influence. Leading on, the famous Bauhaus style took over with a design of deep, rounded balconies, flat roofs, horizontal windows with the rooted concept that the apartments should be cool in summer and comfortably warm in winter. 

Leading into today, as Tel-Aviv has become a tech-hub of the world, many skyscrapers, glass office buildings and more modern architecture have taken over, alongside, of course, the traditional architecture that framed the backbone of the architecture of Tel-Aviv. 

  • A Culture Hub

Tel-Aviv is full of cultural things to do and whether winter or summer, the fun never ends. From the famous Nahalat Binyamin artists market, to the bustling Tel-Aviv port,, to the Cameri Theatre, as well as concerts, numerous museums, live shows, rally’s, tons of shopping, events and fashion/art expos, there is no limit to expanding your cultural horizon when in the city of Tel-Aviv. 

  • Prime Real Estate- 

Climbing this year to the worlds most expensive city, Tel-Aviv’s real estate merges into the aforementioned title with many new luxury and modern developments, handfuls of buildings that have undergone renovations, and of course, the famous preservation properties of the city, all of which have afforded many options to choose from, whether renting or buying.

To live up to the title of worlds most expensive city, what better way to showcase Tel-Aviv’s many real-estate options and catapult the world further into the digital era than by providing video tours of luxury real estate properties in Israel, edited to the finest quality and displayed on portals such as YouTube. An example of this property-tour concept in Israel is the newly released YouTube channel, Israel’s Luxury Listings which gives high-quality video tours of Tel-Aviv (and other cities) luxury properties for the world to see. 

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