Living in Herzliya – Mediterranean, Coast & Luxury Living

Herzliya, the affluent city bordering with Tel Aviv that bellows luxury, green, comfort, seaside salty air, and, of course a mix of locals living in different types of neighborhoods. Herzliya, split into specific residential sectors has become a place over the years that has grown more and more in popularity for fine dining, upscale atmosphere, clean and open Herzliya beaches, country clubs, Kibbutz’ life within the city, green trees, good schools and of course, one of the best Universities in the country, the international “IDC” College.

Just like Tel Aviv city, Herzliya city has its own breakdown and makeup, and each section of Herzliya has its own flare attracting specific people to living in each neighborhood. For instance, Herzliya Pituach is ranked as one of the most luxurious and exclusive areas of Israel in which to live, with beautiful homes, swimming pools, fancy cars, great restaurants, shopping and more. Yet, close by, the humble and lovely “young Herzliya” is a mix of newer and older apartments and has become filled with young couples and retirees. There is, of course, the famous Glil Yam Kibbutz that is rapidly expanding into newer residential projects to create a full-blown city of its own. And of course, there is the main city of Herzliya, the lovely Green Herzliya and other areas such as “Herzliya Bet”, which borders with Pituach, the elite marina- an exclusive seaside getaway, and Nof Yam, the seaside overlooking the famous Appolonia National Park, which screams ancient history.

Now, using this brief breakdown on Herzliya, wouldn’t you love to learn more about the areas and give it a whirl for living, away from the hustle and bustle of work life, but only a few moments away from all Tel Aviv by car?

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