Real Estate is a long term game, like that of a marriage.  It goes through short-term changes like renting an apartment or home, and long term changes, like marrying the one and settling down in a forever home. But real estate in Israel, like anywhere in the world, is something that people always seemingly need, and look towards, just like a marriage- in whatever terms that may be. 

But, what happens when an international pandemic ruffles the worlds’ feathers and prevents people from visiting potential homes for purchase, therefore leaving agencies that depend on their in-person clientele to make a living? The answer is clear: technology. The advent of 2020 technology kicks in, acting as the officiator in marrying the buyer with their property, from wherever in the world they may be, essentially saving this marriage and prolonging its purpose. 

Real Estate agents have begun to rely on specific technological advances to further their brands, promote their properties and names, and even to make the already-interesting real estate world that much more interesting and clear. With more time on our hands and more time at home, we watch Youtube videos on gorgeous properties across the world and we scroll through Instagram to follow a real estate agencies daily happenings. Zoom calls have become a step-in for face-to-face meetings, and Facetime has become the new house tour.  

Today’s worlds reliance on technology has become our new normal in day-to-day life, so why not pair it with real estate as a long-term game and long-term strategy? The advances in amazing technologies including things like video calls, promotion of brands through unique social media, youtube property tours and more have allowed us to replay our property visits and help us even better make an educated decision when buying a property in Israel, or anywhere in the world for that matter. 

So many of our past times such as going restaurants, shopping with friends, weekend family picnics and even happy hour at work have become things of the past, so now we find ourselves using technology even more than we once have as a way to pass the time, thus, why not use it for something we need? 

We won’t allow COVID 19 to ruin our marriages, and we certainly won’t let it stop us from buying a home in Israel. This pandemic will soon be an afterthought but technology thankfully will not; we must build our relationship with technology to be used before, during and after the purchase of a home or property from wherever we are in the world and even when this adverse period of time is behind us.  

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