Covid-19 has sent very clear messages to businesses all around the world that the future of marketing and sales exists in the online world rather than the physical world. Businesses that do not invest in creating a strong online presence for their products will most likely lose money. We have also learned that clients desire information fast, without wanting or having to leave the comfort of their own homes.

Real estate very much holds true to the aforementioned points. The field has taken a strong shift towards digital media, rather than traditional face-to-face meetings or in-person property showings. Most (serious) real-estate agencies and real-estate developers around the world are now pushing for the use of digital media more and more, thus setting a new standard in real estate marketing to come.

One of the most popular and upcoming trends in real estate marketing is the use of online professional property tour videos. In these videos, usually showcased on Youtube, the presenter provides a seamless property tour, including description and features of the property, location, detailed video imaging of the inside and outside of the property, and of course, a proper walk-through of the property. Videos are shot in high resolution and are produced and edited at an extremely high standard, and most important — They are super fun to watch!

This phenomenon has become prominent in the USA, with names such as Ryan Serhant, Enes Yilmazer and Erik Conover, who brought real estate property videos to the attention of tens of millions of people throughout the world. Through such videos these individuals have managed to sell very expensive listings. The trend has since expanded to the entire world, including in Israel, where we (Montefiore Real Estate Group), created a Youtube channel called “Israel’s Luxury Listings” — a series that provides property tours of luxury homes for sale in Israel.

A video tour of a luxury mansion in Herzliya, Israel. From "Israel's Luxury Listings" Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbk67dqqpIY

(A video tour of a luxury mansion in Herzliya, Israel. from “Israel’s Luxury Listings” Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tbk67dqqpIY)

The ability to use and rely on these accurate property tours also helps agencies address- the almost daily request by clients- the desire to have a ‘quick video tour /Facetime tour’ prior to visiting the properties, in order to get a better feel of the property at hand. Having professional video materials that the clients could hold onto helps them to solidify their decision of whether or not to purchase a home, as having video materials provided real-time information, and or has allowed clients the ability to pause, re-watch and share with their inner-most circles.

To sum up, one thing is true: the advent of technology has played a massive role in spreading information and trends worldwide, and it has become a popular tool in real estate, having become standard — something that helps to actually truncate the lengthy process of buying a home and give access to viewing features or properties otherwise unable to be seen without going there in real-time.

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